Certifications 2015

We are very happy to announce that our NEDS education continues again this year with some big milestones attained by several NEDS volunteer coaches.  Please join us in congratulating the following people for their outstanding accomplishments:

Completed & Attained Level III Adaptive Skiing & Level III Mono-Bi:
Louise Cummings


Sara and Megan with their newly minted certificates!

Completed and Attained Level II Adaptive Full Certification:
Todd Clark
Karen Clark
Kevin Holub

Cognitive and Visual Impairment Level I at Mcintyre (March 2015)

Vinny Adamoyurka

Mono-Bi Adaptive  Level I at Mcintyre (March 2015
Sara Drake
Megan Clark

Children’s Specialist 1 Certification in CT (February 2015):
Steve Glad
Charlene Fallon

Children’s Specialist 1 Certification in Gunstock (January 2015):
Harrison Keyes
Sue Ross
Peter Rowell
Mike Kneeland
Rory O’Donnell
Tom O’Donnell
Diane McMorrow

Mono-Bi Level I Certification in Gunstock (January 2015):
Chris Baylow
Melissa Myles
Sally Elshout

Each year NEDS continues to grow their pool of certified coaches which furthers the education and knowledge brought to lessons at NEDS every day. We thank our coaches for their commitment and desire to improve their skill sets which make New England Disabled Sports one of the premier adaptive sports programs in the country.

Note to Coaches: If anyone took other parts of exams or educational certifications that the office has not acknowledged, please let us know. Congratulations to you as well!

We would also like to thank our dedicated and talented trainers;
Al Freeman, Ed Meltzer, Rina Drake, Matt Nestor , Dave Micalizzi, Louise Cummings, and our friends in the Loon Mountain Alpine ski school Jason Audette and Geoff Krill for helping our coaches on their journeys to higher accreditations.