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Alpine Skiing

The mainstay of the New England Disabled Sports Winter Program is alpine skiing. Our students check in for their lesson, are fitted for their equipment, and meet their instructor right here in the Dr. Robert Harney Adaptive Sports Center. The slopes of Loon Mountain are easily accessed just out the rear door of the Center where they embark for their on snow adventures. Individuals with cognitive or physical disabilities who are four years or older and are able to participate. Please come and experience the thrills and independence of skiing.

For lessons and further information please contact New England Disabled Sports at info@nedisabledsports.org or 603-745-9333.

Mono skiing

The mono ski is a device used mainly by people with limited use (or absence) of the lower extremities. A mono ski, also known as a sit-ski, consists of a molded seat mounted on a metal frame. A shock absorber beneath the seat eases riding on uneven terrain and helps in turning by maximizing ski-snow contact. Modern mono skis interface with a single, ordinary alpine ski by means of a "ski foot," a metal or plastic block in the shape of a boot sole that clicks into the ski's binding. A mono skier use outriggers for stability; an outrigger resembles a forearm crutch with a short ski on the bottom. People new to mono-skiing are often surprised to see how much terrain is skiable in a mono ski; advanced mono skiers can be found not only carving turns on groomed runs but also skiing moguls, terrain parks, race courses, glades and even backcountry terrain—in short, wherever stand-up skiers can go.


A bi-ski is a sit ski with a can be skied independently like the mono-ski with hand-held outriggers, or can be skied with the assistance of an instructor using stabilizing outriggers and tethers. The skier moves his or her head, shoulders or hand-held outriggers to turn the bi-ski. The bi-ski has a lift mechanism for getting onto a chairlift. It can also be used to accustom a new sit-skier to the snow before moving to a mono-ski. Bi-skis are used by people with upper and lower limb impairments and with poor balance. People with these impairments might bi-ski:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Amputees
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Severe epilepsy
  • Spinal bifida
  • Severe balance impairment

Outriggers are metal elbow crutches with the tip section of a ski pivoted on the bottom of the crutch. Some outriggers have adjustable brakes attached to the back edge of the ski to give some speed control. Outriggers are used to aid balance and/or to give support. Outriggers are used by mono-skiers, bi-skiers and standing skiers needing aid with balance.

3-Track & 4-Track skiing

3 track skiing is defined as skiing on one ski with outriggers to maintain balance. The student is able to stand on one ski and maintain dynamic balance with the assistance of outriggers (poles). 4 track skiing is very similar to 3 track but the skier has 2 feet on skies, rather than one.

Visually Impaired

Alpine (downhill) skiing is one of the rare opportunities available that allows the blind individual to move freely at speed through time and space. It provides the opportunity to embrace and commune with the primal force of gravity, thus experiencing the sheer exhilaration of controlled mass in motion, in a physically independent setting.

For those with Visual Impairment, a sighted Guide is needed. For lesser impairment the guide may simply need to ski a short distance in front of the skier to show the way. Skiers with greater vision loss or who are totally blind will generally ski using a headset arrangement to give audible instruction.

Snow-bike, Intellectual Challenge, Easy Rider, coming soon

Highland Games At Loon

Friday, September 18th, 2015

The Highland Games at Loon Mountain are a blast for family and friends of all ages. Come be a part of it in the fall! To participate and volunteer in the adaptive portion Highland Games contact New England Disabled Sports at 603-745-9333 or info@nedisabledsports.org.

NEDS Golf Classic

Friday, September 18th, 2015

This annual event is a wonderful end to the golf season. A fantastic golf outing and auction held at Owl's Nest Golf Club in Campton, NH.

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