The staff at Bretton Woods were absolutely amazing with our children!

Dear Nicole and NEDS Team,

Thank you for making our skiing experience such an enjoyable one. Our sons Adam and Sean both skied in the Disabled Ski School Program during the Christmas/New Year’s break. Each of our boys has a diagnosis
of Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (CMT) which is a neuromuscular disease that affects their extremities. CMT causes muscle weakness, foot dropping, and atrophy of muscles in their extremities.
The staff at Bretton Woods were absolutely amazing with our children! They were friendly, excited, energetic and so positive with the boys. We were lucky to spend our four days with the same staff of volunteers and could not have been happier.

Our son Adam worked with Mike, Eric and Tom. Each of these men really took the time to work on skills with Adam to make him a better skier! There was also one other man that we could not remember his name. We call him the gray beard man – he was fabulous with Adam as well! Adam began his lessons with fair skills and left a much better skier!

Our son Sean is more affected by the CMT. His skills were not as good going into his lessons. He is also a child that is easily frustrated by difficult challenges and is more likely to give up when tasks are difficult. His instructors Jerry, Debbie, and Vinny were just the absolute perfect fit for our Sean. They made his experience positive and he moved from skiing with an assistive device to skiing alongside his instructors. He never complained once and looked forward each day to going back!

Jerry, a retired army veteran, really made a lasting impression on our son Sean! He was curious of Jerry’s prosthetic arms and he answered any and all questions Sean had for him! Sean and I talked about Jerry’s challenges and how he did not let them stand in his way of doing the activities that he loves. It was a great lesson for Sean to experience firsthand!

Teacher Deb was also a great match for Sean. Her experience of working in the public school with young children with disabilities was evident in her demeanor. She was so happy and positive with Sean and truly made his experience a great one!

As a person with a disability myself (Laurie – I also have CMT), I can truly appreciate the efforts of the entire teaching staff and program! Thank you for helping our children to have such a positive, self-esteem building experience!


Laurie and Chris Palermo