The New England Disabled Sports Foundation (NEDSF) was founded in 2013 as an essential component of the long-term fiscal strategy of New England Disabled Sports. NEDSF’s goal is to raise enough principal to generate investment income to assure the annual and long-term financial sustainability of New England Disabled Sports.

In its Articles of Organization, the founders of the NEDSF wrote:

“the object for which the Corporation is established is to support New England Disabled Sports…(in) its mission…of sports and recreation within a safe, supportive fun, boundary-free environment for individuals with disabilities who require adaptive instruction.”

The Board of Trustees of the NEDSF is comprised of representatives of New England Disabled Sports to assure that both the organization and Foundation work toward a common goal of removing barriers for individuals living with disabilities. Financial support provided to NEDS by the NEDSF is to assure ongoing operations and special programs in perpetuity.

Board of Trustees
Dr. Brian Holub, President
Joseph Hill, Vice President
Tim Connelly, Treasurer
John Imbrescia, Trustee
Steven Picardo, Trustee
Jessica Harney, Trustee, NEDS Representative

The assets of the NEDSF are funds managed for the long-term benefit of NEDS, not operating capital. These funds consist of monies strictly identified and utilized to generate income for a New England Disabled Sports.